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The 9th Asian Society of Sports Biomechanics


Pioneering Progress in Sports Biomechanics at ASSB2023

In a compelling union of technology and academia, Zenas Technology proudly stood as a sponsor of the 9th Asian Society of Sports Biomechanics (ASSB2023), setting the stage for a confluence of innovation and expertise. The event not only celebrated Zenas Technology's commitment to advancing sports biomechanics but also saw prestigious recognition from Professor Jamie S. McPhee and Fabio Zambolin of Manchester Metropolitan University. The duo served as distinguished speakers, delivering a thought-provoking Preconference Workshop lecture that delved into the future applications of mechanical-assisted training machines, with an exclusive focus on Zenas Technology's groundbreaking creation, 'Sintesi.'

Zenas Technology's Sponsorship : A Commitment to Innovation

As a sponsor of ASSB2023, Zenas Technology demonstrated its commitment to driving progress in sports biomechanics. The sponsorship not only highlighted the company's dedication to innovation but also positioned it at the forefront of conversations surrounding the latest advancements in the field.

Focusing on 'Sintesi': Redefining Mechanical-Assisted Training

At the heart of the Preconference Workshop was 'Sintesi,' The lecture provided a comprehensive exploration of 'Sintesi,' shedding light on its unique capabilities, applications, and its potential to reshape the landscape of athletic training.

In a prestigious collaboration, Zenas Technology was honored by AKUIS and Tecnobody to our exhibition, offering a remarkable opportunity to present, share knowledge, and provide attendees with firsthand experiences of cutting-edge innovations. Among the standout offerings were Zenas Technology's revolutionary creations, including 'Sintesi' Walkerview' and 'Homing'—advanced equipment designed for both training and evaluation. These biomechanical wonders integrate the power of biofeedback, a groundbreaking technology that not only aids in comprehending biomechanics in movement but also revolutionizes the application of this knowledge in athletic training and evaluation.