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Get results in half the time: weight loss, definition and muscle mass

May 10, 2023 | Stefano Luperto

Time is a precious commodity and in the contemporary society we live in, there never seems to be enough of it. In fact, you have to deal with a whole series of work, family and social commitments on a daily basis, having a limited number of hours available. The days are rigidly marked by the clock, whose hands punctually mark the end and beginning of the time available for each activity to be carried out. However, everyone wants to be able to complete everything, finding, between one task and another, time to think about their well-being by training consistently. Usually, however, to obtain tangible results it really takes a lot, hours and hours to dedicate to the gym and physical exercise. Fortunately, the digital age lends us a hand in this area too thanks to the creation of a system capable of best reconciling the time available and the objectives to be achieved . With Sintesi you get results in half the time: weight loss, definition and muscle mass. Personal trainers, owners of beauty centers or gyms have the opportunity to offer customers technology like Sintesi: an added value for the profession that allows you to optimize time and space, meeting the needs of those who love taking care of themselves but want to do it well and in a short time! Sintesi is truly a great little engineering miracle: a real gym (it is able to reproduce the action of 14 machines !) in just two square metres . It is a robotic multifunction station made up of two tubular aluminum modules and a tablet. The two tubular modules can be applied to a wall using simple brackets equipped with quick coupling and release, or positioned horizontally on a special platform, while the tablet allows you to set the various training programs and view all the data in real time regarding the performance of the person training. What makes Sintesi innovative and differentiates it from all other training machines is its robotic and digital technology which gives it unique characteristics of its kind, such as the

Dynamic Vectoring patent, on which its operation is based,

and the digital loads .Dynamic Vectoring and Digital Load

Dynamic Vectoring is the Akuis patented technology that allows you to verify and control the Sintesi configuration, load orientation and simulate the action of gravity in real time. The patent consists of two elements:Adjustable gravity : simulates the force of gravity by always keeping the load at the same angle with respect to the grip point, so as not to cause variations in the recruitment of the muscle group throughout the entire range of movement. In this way the stabilizing muscles are stimulated more, obtaining a complete movement and a better performance; Fixed point : through this element Sintesi manages to reproduce multiple pieces of equipment to train and define the whole body.

By virtue of its digital heart, Sintesi therefore uses digital load technology . These, unlike the common weights or dumbbells that the customer is used to finding in the gym, allow you to obtain a fluid and constant resistance that is not influenced by momentum and gravity. And this is where the magic of obtaining better results in shorter times compared to traditional training takes place. The digital load, in fact, by its nature significantly amplifies the recruitment of muscle groups during the execution of the movement and allows you to switch from one stimulus or contraction mode to another by modifying the behavior of the same load according to the training objective that he set himself. Furthermore, they range from 3 to 80 kg with incremental steps of 0.5 kg. Micro training sessions of up to 20-30 minutes are therefore possible and obtain tangible results after just a few workouts: more defined muscles and weight loss. In particular, the Eccentric and Viscous load profiles deserve mention , two types of training that require a personal trainer present in the gym to help build strength in the negative phase, while with Sintesi they can be performed independently by your clients. Thanks to these two loading modes, shorter but more intense and effective circuits can be performed: half an hour with Sintesi is worth an hour of traditional training!