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Maximum functional recovery in minimum space

March 22, 2023 | Stefano Luperto

Maximum functional recovery in minimum space a gym in 2 square metres

Innovation is the shortest bridge between success and well-being.The figure of the physiotherapist is increasingly widespread and recognized as a point of reference for the recovery or maintenance of good health. Furthermore, thanks to advances in scientific research and medical technology, physiotherapy has become a highly specialized, but also widespread, profession. 

How can you stand out and offer your patients that added value that will make you no longer an option, but the best possible choice? 

Training and experience are undoubtedly fundamental elements to emerge in the physiotherapist profession, but they are no longer enough on their own. An effective solution is to introduce new technology available to patients, making modern and cutting-edge machinery available for their therapies, which means improving the effectiveness of the rehabilitation process and accelerating the achievement of results. However, having a gym in the doctor's office is not so simple, first and foremost for space reasons. It is not always possible to have the necessary volume to accommodate a large quantity of machinery; indeed, the space in the medical practice is often limited and giving up certain types of instruments and related functions means limiting the ability to fully assist one's patients. 

What if I told you that today you can offer maximum functional recovery in the minimum space by means of a gym in just 2 square meters? 

The answer to every rehabilitation, logistical and functional need is called Sintesi, the first smart gym designed to enclose in just two square meters everything that different training tools could offer. 

These are the main benefits

Use of space Being able to guarantee your patients maximum functional recovery in a minimum space makes Sintesi a machine that can truly be adapted to every corner you have available: two square meters that open up to an infinite series of exercises.

Adjustable resistors With Sintesi it is possible to regulate any type of resistance, in particular the auxotonic or concentric one, which simulates the use of an elastic band and is extremely useful in the rehabilitation field, for example for the recovery of a shoulder or an upper limb. The possibility of starting the exercise with a lower resistance and then gradually increasing it allows for a total recovery of functionality that is neither traumatic nor sudden.

Graphical interface on the tablet A peculiarity of Sintesi is the possibility of seeing graphics of the exercises being performed on the tablet and on the application. This factor is very important both for the physiotherapist, who can thus perfectly adapt the exercises to suit the patient, and for the latter, to realize how he is working. Being able to save the progress and results achieved from time to time offers a clear picture of the work done, the improvements achieved and how much still needs to be done.

Compactness The fact of being a compact machine allows the patient to always work in a limited space together with the therapist, therefore with greater concentration resulting from not having to move from one machine to another every time you switch from one exercise to another.

Versatility Sintesi offers your patients an almost infinite variety of exercises, for the back, for the abdominals, for the ankles. For example, to improve shoulder or ankle stability you can use viscous load, which simulates being in water. Or you can use eccentric resistance to increase muscle tension while lengthening the muscle, which is very important for some types of exercises.

Low energy consumption Furthermore, synthesis is also a low energy consumption system, which recovers and exploits the energy produced by the user, thus reducing energy consumption.

Take your profession to a higher level offer your patients an advanced and exclusive system that in just two square meters has revolutionized the concept of training. Sintesi does not limit itself to adapting to the needs of space, but to all those of those who turn to you. A single tool to guarantee all patients the best recovery in the shortest time. Go even deeper into the specifics of Sintesi's features and the advantages for your work